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walk by, but don't look

you don't see me

the invisible man
22 October 1978

  • Hi.
  • Don't bother asking me how I am; I'm "okay" or "not bad". It doesn't change much from that, unless it's really bad, and then you probably just don't want to know.
  • I've been described as everything from "cheerful" to "hard-core depressive." Go figure.
  • I tend to be too "religious" for atheists to be completely comfortable with me and not "religious" enough for people who are extremely strong of faith. Don't worry, it probably bugs me more than it bugs you, and I certainly can't tell you what exactly it makes me. I've never really been able to figure it out for myself. If you want to know my denomination, ask, but I consider it entirely unimportant.
  • Cold weather makes my fingers burn like you wouldn't believe.
  • I'm a registered Democrat. I'm not your typical milquetoast Democrat, though; I don't pull punches like the people who populate Congress tend to do. I'm currently thinking about tossing all pretention about where I stand to the wind and making a switch to the Socialist Party USA. What can I say, I'm a lefty.
  • I was born on 22 Oct 1978, at something on the order of two in the morning. That makes me a Libra, if you care. I do not.
  • I am a complete and total Pepsi addict. I used to actually have to attempt to not drink it, but lately I have rekindled my appreciation for tea.
  • I play trombone, piano, and guitar, and in that order.
  • I'm 28. I'm just now starting to get the respect of my parents, likely because I've shown them that I am indeed capable of sustaining a long-term relationship, but who knows. Some things never change--I am still spoonfed stuff that is obvious and left to flounder when I'm truly clueless.
  • SAT Verbal: 750. SAT Math: 740. I expected the opposite. (This item was originally put in my bio, along with the rest of this stuff, on an old old journal of mine, when I hadn't been out of high school that long, and these things still meant something. Now I leave it here simply because it's one of the things that shows how much I've changed over the years.
  • I was a National Merit Scholar. I had a full ride to college for my first degree, a B.S. in computer science, and I graduated in May of 2001. My second degree, a B.A. in applied music, was financed entirely on loans and finished in May of 2004. I have yet to pay a dime on those loans.
  • If you saw my grades from the first stint in college, you probably wouldn't expect the last couple of items on this list.
  • Music used to be my number one method of relaxation. In the last couple of years, my pickiness has increased in direct proportion to my seriousness--both with myself and with those around me.
  • My eyesight is terrible. -9.75 in my right eye, -10.25 in my left. It has plateaued for the past several years, and I'm hoping that it stays that way. It would be a death knell if I had to stop driving at night.
  • Hockey and football are the two best sports in the world. Don't argue, they are. Professional basketball is more boring than solitary confinement.
  • I can't think of anything else. If you think of anything you want to know that I didn't include here, just ask. I'll tell you. I might even include it here.

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